Sunday, February 18, 2007

Who Are the Friends of Troy?

The following people support the review and reduction of Troy Chapman’s severe sentence.
Names with links are happy to be contacted by e-mail to answer any questions. Please feel free to contact any one of them whose name is highlighted below if you have any questions about Troy. Some of these people have written letters about Troy; you can view them here.

Then, if you agree that Troy’s continued incarceration is a miscarriage of justice, contact us so we may add your name to the Friends of Troy. Let us know if you are willing to be contacted by others via e-mail.

Please also consider writing a brief letter, to be included on this site, about why you think Troy should be free and/or the impact he has had on you through his work. Email it here.

To our friends: If you receive correspondence through this site, please cc us on your response.

The Friends of Troy
Dawn Allbee, Winn, Michigan: Troy’s sister
Anneli Aston, Walla Walla, Washington: Friend
Kevin Audleman, Seattle, Washington: Friend
Brad Ayotte, Johannesburg, Michigan: Former fellow inmate and friend

Ruth Ann Beasley, Lansing, Michigan: Friend
Vance Lee Beasley, Lansing, Michigan: Former fellow inmate and friend
Carolyn Beeker, Ludington, Michigan: Friend
Debbi Bendon
, Greenville, Michigan: Troy’s sister
Jim Bergin, Blue Hill, Maine: Creative Writing Program of Hancock County Jail and Friend
Hector Black, Cookeville, Tennessee: Friend

Nadia Chandler (unrelated to Scott Chandler), Portland, Oregon: Friend
Amanda Chapman, Lakeview, Michigan: Troy's mother
Mable Chapman, Edmore, Michigan: Troy's aunt
Cynthia Cutting, Corvallis, Oregon: Friend (deceased, 2009)

Carol Dahlen, Las Vegas, Nevada: Friend
Lisa Daly, West Chester, Pennsylvania: Friend
Nancy Davis, Los Angeles, California: Friend
Helen Delaney, Cambridge, Maryland: Friend
Michael Denomme, Wayne, Pennsylvania: Friend
Sharon Denomme, Wayne, Pennsylvania: Friend

Louise Engelen, Leusden, The Netherlands: Friend

Carla Falco, Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania: Friend
Rev. Evan Farrar, Sarasota, Florida: Friend

Claire Garden, Columbia, Missouri: Friend
Judy Garvey, Blue Hill, Maine: Founder and Director of Volunteers for Hancock Jail Residents and Friend
Kennan Garvey, Arlington, Virginia: Friend (deceased, 1/19/08)
Hubert Genz, Provence, France: Friend
Richard Goldberg, Galloway, New Jersey: Friend
Rosemary Goldberg
, Galloway, New Jersey: Friend
Jake Goldenflame, San Francisco, California: Friend
Maryann Gorman, Narberth, Pennsylvania: Partner and developer of this Web site
Joanne Gorman-Klein, Havre de Grace, Maryland: Friend
Richard Gross, Grants Pass, Oregon: Friend (deceased, 2010)
Mariann Gunderson, Sandnes, Norway: Friend

Joy Helmer, Seattle, Washington: Friend

Linda Jaczynski, Norristown, Pennsylvania: Friend
Russ Jones, Former chaplain at Kinross Correctional Facility (Troy's prison)

Jack Klein, Havre de Grace, Maryland: Friend
Ted Knerr, New York, New York: Friend
Kitty Kono, St. Davids, Pennsylvania: Friend

Angela Lake, Troy's niece

Charlotte MacNeice, Cologne, New Jersey: Friend
Dan MacNeice, Cologne, New Jersey: Friend (deceased, 2009)
Kitty Matchica, Broomall, Pennsylvania: Friend
Joseph Mayer, St. Paul, Minnesota: Friend
Janice Moore, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania: Friend
Bob Moore, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania: Friend

Tony Morse, Upper Peninsula, Michigan: Friend
David Murray, Michigan: Friend

Paddy O'Toole, Carrabelle, Florida: Former prison guard

Dorothy Peters, Merrill, Wisconsin: Friend

Neeraja Raghavan, Bangalore, Karnataka, India: Friend
Julia Rasch, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania: Friend
Marie-Laure Requillart, Provence, France: Friend

Ken Smith, Plymouth, Michigan: Friend

Rosalie Taylor, London, Ontario, Canada: Friend
Doug Tjapkes, Muskegon, Michigan: Friend and director of Humanity for Prisoners

Matt Vogel, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan: Friend
Sander van den Berg, The Netherlands: Friend

Henry (Bucky) Walters, Lakeview, Michigan: Friend
Cindy West, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts: Friend
Lesley West, West Chester, Pennsylvania: Friend
Richard Wilhelm, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania: Friend
Linda Wolf, Waltham, Massachusetts: Friend

Jim Younger, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan: Former Teacher and Friend

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